I’ve been quiet this last week mainly because I’ve been away at my day job’s annual customer conference in San Antonio. In previous years, I’ve had trouble writing while travelling, but the energy in San Antonio was excellent as we were right on the river walk. I guess I simply got inspired, which caused me to stay up late when I finally freed up from my daily responsibilities and the words were just there.

I’ll happily admit I’m a seat-of-the pants writer, commonly referred to as a ‘Pantser’. That is, my outlines very rarely survive encountering the point in which I start typing. In this, Blockade is no different than previous stories. One of the great things about being a pantser, however, is that I have absolutely no guilt when I decide to change direction, no matter how much of my outline that change destroyes. When I started working on Blockade it was called Blockade Runner. When I got into the story, suddenly the blockade I had in mind didn’t need to be run or at least not by the crew. Funny, after changing directions hard and ruining my outline and announced title, I’m back to thinking Blockade Runner is more appropriate. Meh, whatever. I love where this story is headed and how it positions the series for future fun.

So I don’t mind sharing a bit of what’s going on in Blockade (yes this is a teaser and no there are no spoilers). The crew finds themselves chasing down another lead on Thomas Anino’s Belirand crystals. Up to this point, I’ve been talking a lot about the Aeratroas region of the Dwingeloo galaxy and this is the moment where they’ll run into the first representatives of Aeratroas we’ve met. I’ll also mention that the Kroerak are back and they’re making good on promises they made in Give No Quarter. Promises we probably wish they’d forgotten about.

Now, I know you’d like me to go into more detail, but well that’s the point of a teaser. Give enough information to tide you over without giving up the truly juicy bits. As of this post, I’m at 63% of my target length. Don’t get too excited about the numbers as they are just a rule of thumb and I don’t mind going long if I have more to share. The #s do give us an idea of when a release might be possible. About the only thing I’ll say at this point is that I’m looking hard at a 2016 release for Blockade (Runner). We’ll see if I can put together enough hours in the day to get this done.

If you haven’t checked out my latest – Wicked Folk (Witchy World Book 2) you should give it a go. I sure enjoyed writing it and I think you’ll enjoy reading it.

Happy Reading! — Jamie