In each of the manuscripts we’ve delivered, there have been grammatical errors. It’s not for lack of work on our part, it’s just part of what you sign up for when you produce a work with a hundred thousand or so words. What is unusual is when we actually drop a few paragraphs, which is what has happened with A Matter of Honor at the end of the War Council┬áchapter. Fortunately, I’ve received the reports and fixed the manuscript. For those of you who haven’t received the update and need this information now, I’m including it here. Sorry for the confusion and thanks to both Dave and Gunner for reporting it to me.

Perigen did as was requested and the tip of the blade disappeared into Corget To. Upon seeing this he pulled it out. The first three centimeters of tip showed green blood and a rivulet dripped from the fresh wound on Corget To’s chest.

A collective roar of anger was heard from the assembled elders, who’d jumped to their feet and were gesticulating angrily.

“Brothers, quiet.” Corget To attempted to settle the group and it took him several minutes to do so.

He continued. “The time of war has come for us all. We must once again weave the heavy ropes so that we might pull the doors away from their nest. TeePa was right to do so and he accomplished more than any elder before him. But we will go beyond TeePa. We will pull all of their doors down and march into their grand nest with two hundred nests of our own.”

“It will be as you say!” Perigen raised his club above his head.

“To war!” Another elder, caught up in the moment yelled as he waved his own club in the air.

Corget To watched with satisfaction as the elders of the mountain clans rose, the song of battle calling to them all. He waited until the noise died to a more manageable level and then shouted above the din. “When the moon rises a second time, we will gather for a great battle, one that will be sung about by our ancestors for seasons unending.”