Smuggler's Dilemma 2 - 100 dpiWe’re Done! Smuggler’s Dilemma has been released to Amazon and can be ordered on Amazon. Follow this link – get on amazon to order your copy now.

I’ve had a number of questions about why I create pre-orders instead of releasing directly to the public. As a publisher I’ve working hard to learn how to best roll books out to the public. The Amazon market is tricky as there are so many books out there and it is easy to get lost in the crowd. The release of a new book is one of the critical moments in becoming known to new readers and the pre-order is a great way of getting things rolling.

It turns out this isn’t trick I have up my sleeve. Give-aways are also a big part of my strategy of gaining traction in the market. For the two weeks leading up to March 20th, I’ll be hosting a couple of give-aways. So how do you become eligible for the giveaways? Good chance you already are. If you’re part of the email subscription list, you’re automatically entered. If you’re not, then click on this link – email subscription – to get registered.

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Back Jacket Blurb for Smuggler’s Dilemma

In Jamie McFarlane’s latest tale, Smuggler’s Dilemma, we discover that the Red Houzi is more than just a rag tag band of pirates. As a highly organized military that uses guerilla tactics in the main asteroid belt, they are decimating defenseless mining colonies, leaving behind destruction and devastation. No one can predict where or when they will show up, not even the great Mars Protectorate Navy, since they vanish into the deep dark of space as quickly as they attack.

Liam Hoffen and Nick James have returned from their last encounter grateful to be alive, but wondering how they will continue. Sterra’s Gift is nothing more than a broken heap, strapped to a pile of ore. Shopping for a new ship is disappointing. Nothing can replace her, until a crazy old man introduces them to an old British warship named Hotspur.

News of Red Houzi attacks near their home spurs them into action and they set off in a desperate race to save their families. When a massive pirate fleet shows up, they discover they’re impossibly outgunned and outnumbered. It always comes down to friends, family, and a sense of purpose. This crew has all of that and more.