Big Pete cover 3 100 dpi

Big Pete Released, Saturday, October 18th

One of the great joys as an author is releasing a new work. Untold hours go into even the smallest works and by the time it makes it to the store, over a dozen people have had their hands in the work, from editing, artwork and beta readers it’s very much a group effort.

I’m thrilled to be to this point on an action packed adventure, featuring Liam’s parents, Big Pete and Silver Hoffen.

Amazon Blurb

The fourth in the Privateer Tales series, this short story steps back in time to the Great Amazonian War.

Shot down behind enemy lines, all Marine Sergeant Pete Hoffen can think of is getting the remainder of his beleaguered platoon back to the extraction zone. But when a cocky, PITA lieutenant orders him to leave behind one of his own, he’ll have nothing to do with it.

Big Pete fights to locate his men and get the wounded out of the city, rescue his missing pilot, and avoid ripping the entire city down around him. His capture brings an entirely new problem. Who will rescue the rescuer?

There’s a reason Liam Hoffen goes up against great odds in order to do the right thing. He learned from his father that sacrifice and honor go hand in hand.

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