Fans of the Privateer Tales series have good reason to be excited. We are getting very close to the release of Parley (Privateer Tales Book 3). One of the fun things that Liam does when setting out on a new voyage is to pick out theme music. Unfortunately for the crew, his taste in music isn’t particularly sophisticated. Liam is a great lover of old road music and as we’ll discover in future books, rockabilly. In Parley he features a song I have long enjoyed, Six Days, by Dave Dudley.

Six beta readers, two editors and two artists and me have all worked countless hours on this project and I expect that this weekend it will all come to finale.  Unlike previous books, Parley release will occur a little later to line up with scheduled promotions and I’d like to try the ‘pre-release’ feature from Amazon.

In related news, my sister, Diane from, and author of the Bellingwood series, and I will be signing books at Pufferbillly Days in Boone, Iowa on Saturday, Sept 6th. I’m hoping to have physical copies of Parley available at that time. I don’t have a lot of control over that, but I remain hopeful. We were invited by Susan at The Book Shoppe and will be sitting outside of her front door from nine am to two pm on that Saturday.