Triangulum by Bull53Y3

Triangulum by Bull53Y3

My blog started out as a site. For whatever reason, I mistakenly thought that if I got a site there that I would have the full wordpress content management system. It is a repeating theme in my life where I will look at something and decide it is what it appears to be. is a nice ‘beginner’ blog site but it doesn’t have enough features for what I am interested in. Fortunately they have already anticipated this and provide a very easy (albeit not-inexpensive) transition service to a full service wordpress provider.  I ended up choose host-gator for the hosting and used’s ‘hire-a-happiness-engineer’ service to move my site. True to their word, they moved my site without any problems.

One of my favorite things to do is to find artists and display their work. One of my favorite places to find digital artists is If you got there and type in a search you will find digital artists in  just about any genre. This is where I found Rookie Privateer’s cover artist Kristina Del Valle. Later on when I was looking for an artist for Fool Me Once I found Patricia L. aka Sicilian Valkyrie.

Since I was refreshing my blog I decided that I needed new artwork for that blog. I did a search and found a talented German by the name of Felix who has artwork that is very much in line with the idea of Privateer Tales. You can find his Deviant Art Gallery under the name of Bull53Y3. He is allowing me to use his work freely (currently) and I hope you take a chance to visit his gallery.

There are more changes in store for the website. I’m not overly happy with the book links in the sidebar. They aren’t showing up like I want but they have the fatal flaw of being pretty close. I’d also like to add a book gallery so a person can use this site to actually research the details of the different books instead of relying on Amazon and Good Reads to display this.  For now, however, I’m just happy to have made the transition to a fully featured website in-tact.

Happy Reading!