Long before I started writing, I was a fan of Goodreads. The site is dedicated to keeping track of books I have read or want to read. It is completely a fan site, where we are encouraged to share our views about different books we are reading. About a year ago Amazon bought the company. I’m not sure how much effect this has had on Goodreads, but from my perspective very little has changed.

One of the awesome things about Goodreads is that it allows authors like myself to self-promote books by offering them for free. Gaining readers is all about exposure. I sincerely believe that there is a good sized group of people who want to read the type of Science Fiction that I write, I just need to find these people and get my book into their hands.


Yup, that was eye-catching promotion. So here are the details on how you can get a FREE signed paperback copy of Rookie Privateer.

Follow this link to goodreads and follow the instructions!

Happy Reading.

If you get skunked on the giveaway, you can contact me for your very own signed copy. I am currently selling them for $12.50, shipping included, within the U.S.