Wizard Unleashed

Modern day wizard, Felix Slade, has long guarded his deepest secret even from those closest to him. Each time Felix uses magic under pressure, he’s barely able to hold on. It’s as if there’s a dark part of him that wants to get lose and he’s afraid that if he ever lets go, there will be no turning back. To make matters worse, there’s a growing part of him that wants to do just that.

For Felix, life would be simpler if not for his dreams. Having been raised by positive, earth witches, Felix is unable to turn away from a cry for help. In a dream, Felix sees a young witch abused by a rogue wizard. Night after night, Felix is always too late to save the young witch as her very life essence is drained. What’s worse is that Felix is losing control while dreaming, endangering friends and family as he sets fire to his home.

In Wizard Unleashed, readers will follow Felix to an entirely new realm, where the mystery of his origins will finally be revealed. With the lives of the people he loves most on the line, he’ll have to face his most powerful adversary ever. Himself.

Cover Artwork: Fiona Jayde Media