Could elves be attending school with human children? Could you be an elf? In this fast-paced fantasy adventure, anything is possible.Fourteen year old Tig Parnassus is the smallest kid in his class, enduring bullying and solitude even though he’s known these kids for most of his life. One day, in the middle of Algebra class, his sixth sense tells him something is terribly wrong. After a mad dash, he arrives home to find his critically wounded father accompanied by family he didn’t realize existed. To make matters more interesting, his beautiful aunt insists that he is an Elven Prince of the House of Parnassus.A greedy, power-hungry wizard has awakened an ancient evil and pulled it into our world. Tig is thrust through a portal into the magical Faerie world of Gaeland. The portal reveals a world filled with elves, gnomes, demons, and even a dragon. Along with two new friends who are discovering their own elven heritage, Tig must not only find a way to return his father to health, but save Gaeland from demon domination.

In Lesser Prince, the lives of three kids are changed forever when they discover that magic is part of who they are. The power of family and friendship gives them courage to stand firm in the face of evil.