Buccaneer’s is the eighth book in the Privateer Tales series.

The story picks right up after Out of the Tank and the crew of the Hotspur is getting restless. They’ve taken down the Red Houzi pirate clan and are finding it difficult to simply go back to delivering freight. That is until an unusual opportunity presents itself.

Big Pete finds that Belirand is giving away mining claims and the only catch is they have to travel to the remotest part of the known galaxy to claim it.

Will it be the fresh start they’re all looking for? Or will trouble find them as it always seems to…

Back Matter

The crew of the Hotspur just happens to be looking for a new home. If Nick James is right, and he usually is, the Tipperary solar system is about to become the busiest trading hub in the galaxy. To sweeten the pot, the cloud-city of Lèger Nuage is offering free warehouse space to qualified traders. It’s a deal that seems too good to pass up.

Of course, nothing’s as simple as it seems. Just like Earth’s Old West, the Tipperary system is as full of promise as it is Buccaneers who are happy to prey on the weak. No one expects it to be easy, but deceit, piracy and murder kindle the pioneering spirit in each of them. Only the strong will prosper and the question is – can Liam, Nick and the rest of the crew carve out a place to call their own?