Blockade Runner


Trapped in a far-off galaxy, Liam Hoffen receives news that a massive Kroerak fleet has found its way to Earth. Knowing an invasion is imminent stuns our explorers, but there’s nothing they can do when they discover the interplanetary Trans Loc system has been shut down to stem the tide of invading bugs.

As if things couldn’t get worse; Intrepid is then seized by an overzealous alien government and the crew is relegated to the backwater planet – Zuri. When a chance discovery, that could end Earth’s desperate war comes to light, our heroes find they will stop at nothing to return home. That is if there is anything left.

Blockade Runner, the eleventh installment of the Privateer Tales saga, is an exciting mix of fleet combat, mechanized infantry battles and non-stop space opera action. While this completes the Kroerak story arc, it exposes a new struggle against a corrupt government – the Confederation of Planets.

Cover Art by: Elias T. Stern. Please check out his other work on