Author: Jamie McFarlane

The hard life of a graphic artist.

  When I was building an android app called HealthTracker I worked with a graphic artist goopymart.  I really want a fickle dragon for my blog so I contacted him to see what he could come up with. The picture below is not his, it is what I provided him.  The funny thing was he completely understood what I was saying and is going to help out.  Stay tuned for a new picture I can’t wait to see what he comes up...

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A New Brand

Oh the fun of creative experiences. I couldn’t believe my good luck to find that FickleDragon was available as a .com. I am not an extremely regular blogger but I need a place to discuss my writing projects.  I had to consider if I wanted to make a new site for each writing project or a larger site for all of my writing projects. My sister who owns the brand convinced me that I should put all of my projects in a single place. So this is it! Now I need to get back to editing so I can get my first project published to...

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