A Matter of Honor is the ninth book in the Privateer Tales series.

No rest for the weary should be this crew’s motto. A Matter of Honor picks right up where Buccaneers finishes. Liam and the crew of the Hotspur quickly find themselves mixed up in conspiracy of corporations and nations. A simple decision to help, quickly turns into a mad game of hide-and-seek with enemies more powerful than they’ve ever experienced. Will they buckle under the pressure? Thousands of lives hang in the balance as they try to undo wrongs hidden for centuries.


Following closely on the heels of Buccaneers, Liam and the crew of Hotspur take a much needed vacation on the tropical planet Curie, where they have nothing more to do than enjoy sun and sand. Trouble is never far away for this group of privateers, however, as a mysterious invitation to meet the reclusive Phillipe Anino interrupts their holiday.

With more wealth than could be spent in twenty lifetimes and access to illicit technology and information, Anino discovered a common interest with the crew – the fate of the Cape of Good Hope. Anino believes he has a way to recover the Cape’s crew, but to do so will pit Liam and his friends against the powerful Belirand Corporation.

Will the crew of Hotspur take the risky mission and become fugitives for the sake of forty-five people they don’t know? Or will they leave the people on board the Cape of Good Hope to die, alone in the deep dark of space?

There’s more at stake than any of them could guess. The actions of Liam and his friends could very well change the known universe forever.

Cover art by Sviatoslav Gerasymchuk, you can check out his other works at – Arteffect.tv.