Blockade Runner Released January 2nd

We’re finally to the end of a busy season of writing, revising and editing and I couldn’t be more excited to finally release Blockade Runner. If you recall, when we last left the crew, they’d just finished up with a particularly nasty fight with the rogue  Belirand Corporation. In Give No Quarter they ended up fighting valiantly alongside Mars Protectorate to free several thousand people from the planet called Cradle, where a nasty bug species, called Kroerak, were keeping humans as livestock.

What occurs between the books is that the crew has a run of uninteresting trips into the deep dark chasing after Thomas Anino’s quantum communication crystals.  As you might expect, a number of the failed missions simply have left behind a trail of ghost ships filled with long ago dead colonists and explorers. Of course, all this changes at the beginning of Blockade Runner when they arrive in Mhina Solar System, located in the Dwingeloo galaxy.

What we learn in Blockade Runner is that the mission to Cradle was just a trial run for the Kroerak. The Kroerak’s objective on Cradle was not to simply keep a few farms of fatted peoples. No, their objective was to prepare for the ultimate nightmare scenario where they would invade planet earth. It is at the very beginning of Blockade Runner where Liam and crew learn that the Kroerak have begun their invasion and are in system and headed for Earth.

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