What I’m thankful for.

I decided to take the day off from work so I could spend it with family and do a little writing. I’m about as fortunate as a person can be. I have three kids, all who’ve grown up and moved out but have decided to live in town. Tomorrow, we’ll all get together at my daughter’s house where she and her husband will host a traditional thanksgiving meal. There is no greater blessing than to spend time with family.

For my family, I’m thankful.

Almost three years ago, I decided to start publishing the stories I’d been thinking about for most of a lifetime. There’s an immense amount of work that goes into producing a novel and I’ve found an amazing team to surround me and help me be successful.

For my editors, my beta team, and my artists, I’m thankful.

Finally, and most relevant here, story telling is a joint-venture between the story teller and an audience. Perhaps there are those who simply craft stories for themselves and need no validation. I can say I’m not that story teller. Story telling requires two; the teller and the listener / reader. If you were to hang around with me on any given day, you’d know that at the slightest encouragement, I am thrilled to spin a lengthy tale for the simple reward of a guffaw. Imagine how exciting it is for me when readers, specifically you, pick up my stories and read them. People I’d never have the chance to meet are entertained and delighted. It’s like hearing a baby’s laugh to me when I receive a note from a reader who just wants to say thanks. I don’t like getting sentimental too often, but on Thanksgiving, I think it’s appropriate to tell the important people in my life thank you. You might not have understood it until reading this post – but you’re an important person in my life. Thank you.

Dear reader, for you I am truly thankful.