A Modern Day Wizard

If you catch me on a bad day, you’ll find I secretly wish I were allowed to see the world as the mundanes in the world around me do. To wake up and drive to Starbucks on the way to my mundane job, where I’ll meet my co-workers and sit at my desk, and do whatever things mundane folks might do behind their endless array of desks behind those vast walls of glass and cubicles. I wish for this life because I know these mundanes have long ago exchanged knowledge of things that go bump in the night for the safety of ignorance. It is on days like this that I most wish to walk down the street and not smell the telltale scent of werewolves on the hunt, or catch a glimpse of a troll’s disguise faltering under the bright sun. For me the burden of knowledge is born not because I am willing, but because I’ve been of this world from birth.

Now that you know how I feel when I’m low, you should know about the incredible joy I find being a wizard in a witchy world. The mundane world seeks to trivialize the supernatural. By far the most difficult and therefore the most affected are the witches, who are often portrayed as nutty old woman, with crazy looks in their eyes, rambling on about this and that. For me, reality could not be further from the truth, for you see, I was raised by a witch and her coven. Now, you need to understand, I’m not a witch myself, but instead I’m a wizard. While the difference is significant, it’s not incredibly important for our purposes here.

At an early age, I was abandoned by my mother and placed into foster care. Honestly, I don’t remember much about her and even less about my father. While I struggled as any kid would under those circumstances, it wasn’t until I was in my early teens that my powers first started manifesting. As it turns out, I ended up burning down the high-school gymnasium at my school and this was where Judy, a local witch stepped in and rescued me. It is the beauty of these women, that I would miss the most if I were mundane. It is a rare treat for a wizard to be allowed into the inner workings of an active coven, but Judy and her sisters accepted me as their own. It is with these women that I have experienced the joy of feeling fully accepted by not just the people around me but also very universe itself.

Felix Slade – Wizard