Fool Me Once – Audible Book

Exciting times here in the Privateer Tales universe. Fool Me Once, the second book is now available on iTunes and Audible for download. I’m very excited to also announce I was able to get Laurel Schroeder, a fantastic professional voice actress with dozens of credits to her name. I’m sure you’ll agree with me that she does a fabulous job with all of the voices in the story. I’ll be honest, I absolutely enjoyed her interpretation of Benny with his slight New Jersey accent just as much as I enjoyed Alexander Boyarov’s Russian accent. For me, the most difficult I had working with Laurel is that I often lost sight of the fact that I was reviewing the narration and got swept along in the story and had to rewind and force myself to pay attention. Her quality was so amazing, that I actually only found one real error and three word substitutions, which worked just fine for the story.

For those of you who are avid readers of Privateer Tales but don’t recall exactly the story within Fool Me Once, this is the story where we follow Celina Dontal, a pirate woman that Liam and Marney ran into at the Red Houzi pirate base not too far away from Ceres. Celina joins up with Tali Lizst, a special services operator turned private investigator,  in search for Celina’s younger sister, Jenny, who’s gone missing.

For me the story has remained one of my favorites as I explored a highly flawed character who simply is looking to do whatever it takes to save her sister. Most of my main characters are constrained by a code of honor and at some level, so was Lena, but when push came to shove, she was certainly not a woman you wanted to back into a corner.

I hope you’ll follow one of the buttons and check out Fool Me Once.

Fool Me Once Sample

by Jamie McFarlane - read by Laurel Schroeder