Recruiting Privateers

There’s never been a better time in history to be an avid science fiction reader. The choices are wide and the writing has never been better. In celebration of the release of Give No Quarter his tenth Privateer Tales novel, Jamie McFarlane has lowered the prices on the first three books in the series. To date the series has earned over 4.5 stars on 1,200 reader reviews on Amazon and 4.14 stars in over 3,600 reviews on Goodreads.

Jamie’s so proud of this series he’s willing to give you the first book, Rookie Privateer for free because he knows that once you read it you’ll enjoy the rest of the series. And now, through May 25th, he’s lowered the price of the next two books; Fool Me Once and Parley  to $0.99 each. So for less than the price of a cup of coffee, you can get started in this exciting space opera series. But don’t skip the coffee, you’ll want it so you can stay awake and finish all three.

Happy Reading!