I often talk about my sister, Diane, who is both an editor for Privateer Tales and Witchy World as well as the creator and writer of the highly successful Bellingwood series. Not quite as often do I mention my other sister Carol, who also helps out with my books as a beta reader. Carol’s chosen career is that of an elementary teacher and this weekend she laid out a challenge, asking me to describe, in one paragraph my favorite place. The goal was to show her students how other writers might work with the assignment. Turns out, I’ve always had difficulty following instructions, and took the assignment in a slightly different direction. Such is the risk when dealing with story tellers.

So just what is my favorite place? Read on and I’ll tell you.

My Favorite Place

by: Jamie McFarlane

A light breeze wafts through the open window – smelling of adventure.

What, you ask, does adventure smell like? Well, I’ll tell you.

Adventure smells of: horses and dusty boots, fast cars and hot asphalt, and stinky mud and slimy toads.

When I look through this window of my favorite place I see princesses dressed in beautiful long robes wearing golden jewelry, swarthy pirates swinging on thick lines from masts of tall ships, and black-clad spies creeping along darkened hallways.

Have you guessed yet where my favorite place is?

It’s a place where I’d love to meet you, because you see, I’m a story teller and my favorite place isn’t really a place at all; it’s that window to adventure we call a book.