Rookie Privateer Audio Book Available

Today, I’m extraordinarily pleased to announce that Rookie Privateer Audio Book is available on both Audible  as well as on iTunes. While producing an audio book isn’t nearly as taxing as writing the book in the first place, I found it required substantially more work than I’d expected. Fortunately, I found a wonderful narrator and producer to work with in Mikael Naramore who was a professional actor and businessman. Mikael added depth to all of my favorite characters and given life to many who were unexpected. When I first heard his interpretation of Gregor Belcose, I nearly blew coffee through my nose. I’d always though of Gregor of having a Russian accent, but I’d never really payed it much attention. When hearing it done by a professional voice actor, it was an entirely different process. Another, not very main-stream but extraordinarily funny voice for me was deputy Stella Bound. Extra points for anyone who can actually remember who she was and where she shows up in the story. Perhaps the most difficult time I had while reviewing the audio was to keep myself from getting re-engaged in the story instead of looking for problems. Liam, Nick, Marny and Tabby have come so far, it was hard not to enjoy visiting with them again back when they were just getting started. The story has really moved a long way from the beginning, but I’m pleased to say I don’t believe we’ve moved away from our roots. I hope you’ll get a chance to listen to this wonderful recording.

If you’ve hung in there with me on this post, but haven’t ever read Rookie Privateer, the you should follow this link and read what all the hubbub is about.

As a teaser, I’m attaching the opening chapter of the book for you to listen to.

Opening Chapter of Rookie Privateer