Mikael Naramore

Mikael Naramore

Finally, Rookie Privateer Audio Book is in production. I’ve been holding off announcing the narrator until I was actually to the point of no return. Drum roll please… I ended up selecting Mikael Naramore as the narrator. Not only did you all select him as the top narrator, but he was also my first choice.

Many of you might not be familiar with Mikael’s name but you might have heard him on Starship Sofa, a science fiction podcast as well as numerous audible projects. The best listing of his works can be found on goodreads.  I’ve found his narration and interpretation of Rookie Privateer to be very enjoyable and find that even when I’m trying to be critical, I’m draw into the story and have to break myself from simply being pulled along.

Perhaps the biggest question is when will Rookie Privateer be available on audible and will we have WhisperSync enabled. The answer to the first is that I’d expect a release sometime in the first half of 2016. I am expecting to turn on WhisperSync, although I’ll be getting some advice on how to price it so it is affordable. Look for an announcement on Facebook and via the email newsletter.

If you want to hear what the draft version of the first fifteen minutes sounds like, it is as follows.

Happy Listening!