Rookie Privateer - 2nd cover - sidebarIn a blatant attempt to bribe new readers into jumping on the Privateer Tales bandwagon, I’ve decided to drop the price on Rookie Privateer to free. We’re preparing to release books 7 and 8 (Out of the Tank and Buccaneers respectively) and I believe it’s time to take the gamble.

What, you ask, am I gambling? I’m gambling that by giving you a chance read this exciting start to the series, that you’ll be hooked and decide to buy the rest of them. Personally, I believe that if you enjoy science fiction, you’ll love the entire Privateer Tales series

If you haven’t been following Privateer Tales, please know that Rookie Privateer is a complete story. There’s no cliff-hangar at the end to entice you to buy the next book. That said, you’ll want to learn more about crew and their adventures, which of course are found in later volumes.

Where can you get Rookie Privateer for free? Just about anywhere you find online books. I’ve listed on AmazonApple, Barnes & Noble,  Kobo and Scrib’d and have verified that these links are now active.