RP-2 600x900 Original ArtCan you believe it’s almost been a year since we released Rookie Privateer? The amazing response has pushed me onward and boy do I have new stories to tell.

March has been a busy month. We’ve released Smuggler’s Dilemma, Cutpurse was sent to beta readers and now a new cover for Rookie Privateer.

You might ask why a new cover. It’s really about keeping things fresh. When I started Rookie Privateer I had in mind to emulate the old sci-fi books. The first cover did a fabulous job. As work progressed on the next books, I found Sviatoslav Gerasymchuk, an artist on the elance website.  After he did Parley, Big Pete and Smuggler’s Dilemma, I asked him to take a swing at Rookie Privateer and you can see the results. I feel like he hit it out of the park.

What’s next? As of this writing, Buccaneer’s, Privateer Tales #7 is 45% complete. That might be a little optimistic as the writing feels like it’s going long.  Cutpurse, Privateer Tales #6 will be released in April and I’ve got most of the outline of Privateer Tales #8 already written. So stay tuned.

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