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In the stories Cutpurse and Buccaneers I’ve introduced a new solar system Tipperary. I asked a friend of mine, Roberto Gabriel Garcia, to help me with a visualization of this system and it came out great.

Tipperary, is a fictional star, FD 40307, located 147 light years from our own solar system in the Picaur Constellation. FD 40307 is a class G star, that has a whiter light than our own class K star and is 1.2 solar masses (our sun is 1 solar mass).

The following is a list of the planets, in order.

  • Hermite

    • 2.4 thousand kilometers diameter
    • Crusty surface, almost molten
  • Hipparcus

    • 4.8 thousand kilometers diameter
    • Mostly rock, highly volcanic
  • Curie

    • 6.2 thousand kilometers diameter
    • 10% water, 10% rainforest, 80% sand
    • habitable environment, weak oxygen concentration
  • Descartes Asteroid Belt
    • Result of twin planets colliding, takes place of a planet
  • Grünholz

    • 16 thousand kilometers diameter
    • 95% covered water
    • Completely cloud covered
  • Pinchon

    • 48 thousand kilometers diameter
    • Gas planet
  • Madic

    • 1.6 thousand kilometers diameter
    • Barren
  • Outer Reach Asteroid Belt (sparsely spread asteroids)

Check back periodically, I’ll add details as I go.