FREE (1)On of the fun things I get to do as a writer with Amazon is to offer free books. I believe in approaching life with an attitude of gratitude, and I’m grateful for you, my reader.

Instead of the airing of grievances, an idea made popular by the fake holiday of Festivus from Seinfield, we should instead be focused on things for which we’re grateful. A blog that I read is Seth Godin’s, who recently talked about this same idea.

So what’s this have to do with free books? For me it’s one way that I can demonstrate my gratitude. The way Amazon is setup, I can periodically give away books and it costs me nothing but the lost opportunity. These giveaways are good examples focusing on the positive. I’m willing to bet that if you read one of my books, you’ll enjoy reading the others. Is that self serving? Sure. That doesn’t make it negative, though.

Free Amazon Kindle books will be Rookie Privateer and Lesser Prince. In addition to those kindle giveaways, I’ll randomly draw five names from my email subscription list on December 28th. I’ll send off signed copies the reader’s choice of any of my printed books, to anywhere in the United States.

Dates for Amazon Giveaways:

That’s it, Happy Reading!