Big Pete - Space Marine

The short story Big Pete will be the fourth installment in the Privateer Tales series and should be available on Amazon in October, 2014.

This  story starts well before Rookie Privateer.  Big Pete is a Marine Sergeant in the great Amazonian war and just happens to meet his future wife, and Liam’s mother under less than idea circumstances. The story starts out with his transport ship being shot down behind enemy lines. The story is action from start to finish. The savvy reader will recognize a pattern here and might be able to gather some insight about things that are to come in Privateer Tales Book 5.

I’ve found that I enjoy working on short stories to explore different types of writing that I wouldn’t want to make an entire novel out of.

This is another cover by Sviatoslav Gerasymchuk, the same talented artist who did the work on Parley’s cover.

If you haven’t yet read Rookie Privateer, Big Pete and Silver are the parents of Liam Hoffen, the lead character of the full length novels within the Privateer Tales series.