LostI dusted off an old manuscript that I’ve had sitting around for almost ten years. It was my first serious writing project that I never quite completed. I’m thoroughly enjoying reading it through and fixing it up. I’d expected that it would remain forever mothballed but after reading it I desperately want to get it ready to be released.

The working title for the story is Lesser Prince and is set in the current day, but takes a fantasy twist somewhere along the line. Ordinarily this might sound like an Urban Fantasy tale, but it has nothing to do with paranormal werewolves or vampires. It is a fairly straightforward coming of age, oh-good-Lord-I’m-an-elf type of tale.

The story is currently too long and has a lot of ragged edges, which is why I put it down in the first place. Having worked my way through the first third of the manuscript, however, I’m excited about polishing it up.

My primary inspiration for the world setting came from Terry Brooks, Landover Series, which starts with Magic Kingdom for SaleThe basic idea that maybe we all have a little magic in us and could be transported to the world of Fairie is something I enjoy exploring.

Happy Reading!