Stop Waiting, Start CreatingI’m in the fun, in-between space, where I’ve finished the initial draft of Parley (Rookie Privateer book 3) and it’s in other peoples hands. My wife is currently reading it through before I send it off to my editor (and sister) who also is the author of Bellingwood Series. After Janet is done with her read through, I’ll send it on to Diane (editor) who will do what she calls a rough edit. The goal of a rough edit is to get it into shape for the beta readers.  Once it goes to beta readers and comes back, I’ll integrate changes, and then back for a couple of more editing passes, formatting and finally publishing.

The bottom line for Parley is that we are on schedule for the end of summer 2014.

The fun part of all of this is that I’m actually out of a job as a writer for the moment. Sure, once my family gets into it a little deeper I will have more work to do, but not right now. So what should I do about this?

It’s time for a new project. I could start Rookie Privateer #4, especially since I have loads of ideas on where Liam and Nick should go next. But. I’ve got two really fun projects that have been sitting out there, just waiting for me. The first project is a book that I have sitting at about 65% that I’ve given the working title of Lesser Prince. This is a fantasy story, that I wrote several years ago and abandoned. I love the characters and story, but for numerous reasons just stopped writing on it. It would be worth picking up, but, meh, I’m just not thinking fantasy at the moment.

The project I really want to get rolling on is Book #1 of the new series about Henry Biggston. I’ve really got a thing for that early, twenty-something, doesn’t know where they fit into the world, character. Henry Biggston is a; didn’t find college to be interesting, doesn’t want to live with his parents, can’t quite figure out what he wants to do with his future type of guy. On top of all that, his best friend is an alien, who he happened to meet in high school. The story is set roughly two to four hundred years in the future so the tech isn’t at the same level as Privateer Tales.  The basic idea is to make a mash up of science fiction and light mystery.