One of the fun things about being a science fiction writer is coming up with things that seem possible and introducing them as real. Most of the time I am balancing the conflict between realistic and over the top.  For example, in the Privateer Tales series, gravity control is pretty much taken for granted. If you want an entire city on Mars to have 80% the gravity of Earth, well you just fire up the gravity generators. To me that’s a little over the top but essential for a lot of things I care about.  In Privateer Tales there are lots of advances in medicine that feel pretty realistic but not earth shattering.

Recently, however I ran across a piece of technology that exists today and feels a bit over the top.  My someday to be daughter-in-law and namesake of Tali sent a video of a technology called inForm from a group at MIT. The essence of the technology is to be able to communicate shapes over the wire.  It is the sort of thing that inspires the mind.  I hope you find it as interesting as I did.