Sterra’s Gif – choices about external missiles vs. torpedo tube stye

Working with Roberto is a joy. I continued to be impressed by his ability to cleanly draw excellent looking high-concept spacecraft.  The above image was part of a conversation we had about moving the initial giant missile from its central location at mid-point to a more forward orientation. I chose the top drawing, preferring the missiles to be located in a tube that presumably could be closed to for atmospheric reasons.

Image #2 shows a feature he added that isn’t on Sterra’s Gift currently that he calls a retro booster. The idea is an additional forward thruster to help in combat maneuvers instead of flipping back-to-front to slow down quickly. The top half of the image is without the retro booster.

ImageAfter looking top image without the retro booster and the bottom image shows it I determined that I really didn’t have a strong preference. I could write a retro booster into the story pretty easily and allowing Roberto some free reign made a lot of sense to me.

I think you’ll all agree, I’m just lucky to have his help.

You should pop over to Roberto’s Deviant Art gallery.