A wonderful reader posted a nice review on Amazon and expressed a concern about how Tabby and Liam’s relationship will be treated in future stories. After a few tries and finally purchasing the book (again) I was able to reply using Amazon’s forum feature. To save you the trip there here is the text of my reply to his comments. (I didn’t feel comfortable copying his review so click here to see that )

Spoiler Alert – Don’t read further if you haven’t made it through Rookie Privateer yet.

Joshua expressed concern about Tabby and her potential role going forward in the series. I think this comes up mostly because things between Tabby and Liam remain pretty unresolved at the end of book #1.

I struggled with if they should physically get together before the climax of Rookie Privateer. It is a case of art resembling life. I have had a chance to observe many long distance relationships and am interested in seeing how these things are worked out. If Tabby had joined the team and gone gallivanting around with them it would have been easy to resolve. As it is, Tabby is too strong of a personality for that. She needs to chase her dreams.

Can Tabby and Liam make a life together with them both chasing off in different directions?

Absolutely one of the things I am excited to explore going forward.

I might be nuts, but I would love to have a chance to discuss character development with readers and fans. Obviously I’m not overly interested in giving too much away, but there should be some reward for posing brilliant questions!